Leading from the Front - Developing your Leadership Skills

Being in charge of a group of people is a daunting task but with the right skills you can make it a rewarding task. This bite size workshop will help you to understand how your communication skills and your behaviour are critical to your success as a leader.


By the end of our bite size workshop you will be able to:

  • Describe the communication processes between a leader and their team
  • Explain how the communication skills of the leader are crucial to the success of the team & the individuals within the team
  • List the key attributes of a successful leader


Programme outline:

  • Welcome, objectives & introductions
  • What makes a great leader and does it matter?
    •       The communication process
    •       How do you communicate with your team?
    •       Your personal style of communication
  • Key attributes of a successful leader
    •       Have you got them?
    •       How do you improve them?
    •       What are you going to do now?



If you would like more information about this bite-size workshop on Leading from the front - developing your leadership skills please contact us now or to see when our next public workshop is click here!

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