Successful Presentations


Making successful presentations in a formal environment is one of the most feared activities that people have to undertake in the business world. Yet we sell our expertise, our concepts and our services to both internal and external clients and we very often lack the confidence to achieve this. This bite size workshop will share with you the five key steps to successful presentations, so giving you that confidence for the future.


By the end of our bite size workshop you will be able to:

  • List the five key steps to successful presentations
  • Describe how planning & preparation are the hidden secrets to successfully presenting
  • Explain how the communication skills of the presenter can impact on the success of the presentation
  • List the key benefits of using visual aids to support the presentation.


Programme outline:

  • Welcome, objectives & introductions
  • Why present?
    • The purpose & structure of successful presentations
    • The need to plan & prepare effectively
  • The presenter:
    • Communicating with effect
    • Managing the nerves
  • Visual aids:
    • How they can support your presentation
  • Interacting with your audience




If you would like more information about this bite-size workshop on successful presentations please contact us now or to see when our next workshop is running click here!

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