Case Study 1

Talk HR was engaged to recruit nine members of staff for a new training centre which was opening within six weeks. The recruitment process outsourcing offered by Talk HR enabled the organisation to concentrate on still running their existing business while we got on with the job of sourcing suitable candidates.

After the initial brief, we drew up the job specifications, organised the advertising and developed suitable interview and selection processes.

The outcomes were such that we were able to source the ideal candidates to form the team, which consisted of Administrators, Trainers and a Centre Manager and we even helped with the offers of employment. Like all things we often think that we can do our own recruitment or employ the services of recruitment agencies ad hoc, when an alternative is that there are real cost savings to be made by using a HR Consultancy to undertake such assignment.

If traditional recruitment or indeed if they had tried to do it themselves it would have been four times the cost of employing one consultant.

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